Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There are 5 essential 'must knows' that every Twenty Something Girl needs to know how to do in order to survive in today’s real world. The fact of the matter is that we are not living in a fairytale and if ever we are faced with danger or confronted with a challenge, prince charming is not going to magically ride by with his trusty steed and save the day.

We need to start developing and acquiring life skills that will assist us into becoming more independent and confident individuals. So here are 5 things that every girl should know how to do:

1. Learn How to Change a Flat Tire

Ok the mental image of actually doing this can be daunting and painful. However there comes a point in each girl’s life where you will get to own a car (hopefully a red sexy mini cooper) or perhaps you are considering buying one at that. You will of course have to get behind the wheel of this super hot car in order to actually drive yourself from point A to point B. Unfortunately even the most reliable cars cannot predict the most uncertain road conditions. Should there be an instance where you do have the unfortunate encounter of experiencing a flat tire, the last think you would want is to have a weird looking stranger by the name of Trucker stop by to help you out. Given the current crime statistics in South Africa and the world at large, the number of psychos out there far outweighs the number of good samaritans. It’s time to be a man (not literally), get down on your knees and show your car who is boss! Road assistance most definitely will help, however just in case; you should learn how to do this.

2. Learn How to Stitch a Button

How many of you know how to stitch a button? This simple skill will help you not only save money and time, but also moments of embarrassment. It happens to the better of us at the most inconvenient of times. You know what I am talking about. An instance where the button on your favourite blouse falls out or where you may have bought a pair of pants for a special event only to discover after putting it on that it is too long for your frame. At these instances, whipping out the good old needle and thread and stitching that button or hemming that pants is quick, convenient and gets the work done.

3. Learn Self Defense

Ok, I am not suggesting that you go out and train yourself into becoming a killing machine like the female characters on Kill Bill. Kill Bill was a great movie (Tarantino is a genius might I add) however, I think that every girl should learn a few good and effective methods of self defense. This not only helps boost your self esteem levels but will also give you a great work out. Killing two birds with one stone…not bad!

4. Learn CPR

Learn CPR. How many of you know what CPR stands for? CPR stands for: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR is one of the most important life skills that every woman should acquire knowledge on. Hollywood has made us ignorant into believing that any Jane of the block can administer CPR. However, this is false and administering CPR on someone without actual knowledge on the procedure can in fact worsen the situation. There are first aid classes which you can actually attend and once you have completed such, you will be issued with a certificate of completion. You never know when this can come in handy. The fact that you now possess a skill which you can use throughout your existence and which can very well help save the life of a family member, friend or a stranger is empowering to say the least.

5. Learn How to Cook something Fabulous

Every girl should proudly have a signature dish that is down right spectacular. It can be anything from a delicious pasta dish or pot roast to something sweet and decadent like a yummy chocolate cake or malva pudding. You should be able to, when the occasion arises, whip out your culinary skills and blow the mind out of that special someone that you are trying to impress. Yes it is the 21st century however a little chivalry does not hurt and is certain to go a long way.

Take time to actually attempt the above, it will certainly empower you.

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